Jordan McQueen

Jordan McQueen

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Travel deeply

It's more than dozens of times I have heard or participated in a conversation where people would ask each other, "How many countries have you been to?" At some point it would sound like a competition. 20, 30, 40, “and this year I plan to do A and B and C”.

Yes, you have been to 30 countries in 5 years, but have you really “been” there? How many places do you really know and understand? How many of those amazing, life-changing moments do you actually retain, internalize and use to help yourself become a better human, a better citizen of this world?

Travel should be challenging. It should change the way you think and feel. It isn't about checking the boxes or seeing the sights. It disappoints me to have to say: It's also not about being seen at those sights. The obtuse misappropriation of the art of photography, to travel somewhere — with its own culture, nature, and context — and make yourself the primary object of your photos: Fremdscham is the only word I can muster.

Travel slowly, explore deeply

Go somewhere you don't understand. Take the time, absorb what it offers. Learn something about the place. Learn something about yourself.

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