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Rule of three

omne trium perfectum

— Latin for "everything that comes in threes is perfect."

Kudos to a previous manager of mine, [Murali Krishnan][murali-linkedin], whom I met while working at Transform for demonstrating true mastery over the [rule of three][rule-of-three-wiki] and opening my eyes to its power.

The rule of three (of which there is so much written that it [needs a disambiguation page][disambiguation-wiki]) is an incredibly potent tool to communicate ideas, persuade others, and to tell stories.

  1. A threefold model lends explanatory power to difficult-to-explain topics, simplifying the conceptual model and providing and elegant framework to teach.
  2. Problems often cleanly subdivide into three sub-problems.
  3. The cadence and presentation of threes tend to be inherently agreeable to humans, augmenting credibility and persuasiveness.

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