Jordan McQueen

Jordan McQueen

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My dream house

A home is something personal, a space that can shape your habits, emotions, and thoughts. I do not see it as overly materialistic to dream of an ideal place to call home.

My wishlist

  • Eastern light (I wake best by natural light)
  • Western light (sunsets are romantic)
  • In Seattle, preferably Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Montlake
  • Ceiling-to-floor windows, and plenty of them
  • Grand views of mountains and water
  • High ceilings
  • Open floor plan, without needless walls or partitioning elements
  • A modest and easily maintainable yard
  • A spacious, open kitchen that allows for entertaining while cooking
  • Relatively medium-to-small house — 3br, less than 2500ft²
  • Stone exterior
  • Sitting high above the road
  • Nearby or adjacent to green space
  • Minimalism over complicated or noisy designs
  • Some styles I like: Tudor, Mid-Century Modern, Gothic, Craftsman, Pacfic Lodge
  • Understated or modest from the exterior — I don't want it to be showy

Examples of homes I like