Jordan McQueen (日本語版)

Everything is worthy of fascination. Our world is too interesting to ever be bored by it. My goal is to bring those around me upward: elevate their understanding, their spirits, and their resolve.


I work as a Software Engineer at Stripe.

In the past, I've worked at Google[x] and AWS. At Google[x], I worked on Project Wing, building these self-flying airplanes. At AWS, I worked on AWS CloudTrail and AWS Security.


  • Photography: street, landscape, astro, nature, travel
  • Travel: challenging, adventurous, enlightening
  • Pool/billiards: I captain a competitive team and I'm an avid player!
  • Piano, guitar: less than I should
  • Board games: yes, please!
  • Side projects: free software, hacking, entrepreneurial stuff
  • Dancing: fusion, pas de deux, swing, blues, lindy, contra
  • Gear aficionado: I care deeply about owning quality things
  • Hiking, backpacking: When I get the chance

"Now" section

(Last modified 2020-12-05.)

  • I plan to spend the rest of my life in Seattle.
  • Searching for my dream home (buy or build).
  • Recently started a new job at Stripe, building economic infrastructure for the internet.